The New Boundaries Woodshop builds many wood products for sale, we stock kindling, picnic tables, garbage boxes, book cases and washer toss games to name a few. We also cut and bundle survey stakes for the Department of Transportation and local construction companies. The New Boundaries Woodshop recently teamed up with 6 other member agencies to create The Ability Wood Products Co-op, this co-op allows us to manufacture wood products collectively and on a much larger scale than we could have individually. This has been very successful and so far, we have built “Big Red Chairs”, wooden Christmas trees and lemonade stands for Sobeys as well as deck chairs for Kent stores.

New Boundaries is also the drop off location in West Hants for the Electronic Products Recycling Association. The Woodshop oversees the collection, sorting, weighing and shipping of this material to a disassembly site to insure it is diverted from the landfill.

There are many transferable skills clients in the Woodshop learn such as; measuring, cutting, equipment operation, forklift certification and customer service.

The Woodshop takes custom orders if the nature of the project meets the needs of the clients. Please fell free to contact Program Instructor Steve Sharp (902) 798-5160 to see if we can assist you with your next wood project .